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I guess you could call me a photographer. I've shot many, many bad pictures, only to be saved by the very few good ones. I will soon add some of my own work, as well as links to many other great photography sites. I have some experience developing B&W film in our school's darkroom; as well as using several effects such as solarizing, silvering etc...

I use a Nikon F60 camera body, and a wide angle and an average zoom lens, both nikkor. I also have a nikon speedlight and a nice big camera bad. My dad is a relatively hardcore amature photographer, owning an N70, F100 and 6 or 7 lenses of various sizes. He has a great website illustrating many of his photos, here.

This is a Nikon N65, a step above my camera body but basically the same setup.
This is a Nikon Speedlight. As my model is not in production anymore, this is a representation of it.
This is the Nikon F100, on the verge between amature and professional bodies, this camera is a superb device.
This is an example of a nikkor lens, which fits onto any nikon SLR camera body.