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These are pictures I've either taken or simply edited in Photoshop. I will add examples of everything I can do. If you need graphics work or help on a website and don't know where to go for cheap, good quality help. Send me an .

This is a picture I did in Photoshop shortly after Sep. 11.
This image of Einstein was one of the first pictures I edited in photoshop. It's not one of my best works, but represents the satirical side of Science.
This is just a cool image I found on the net, using my nickname, Primo.
This is Jared and Richy posing for the "asses-up" gay porn magazine. They look quite stunning, don't they?
This is a picture of Richy, a good friend of mine.
This is an image taken and edited by me of Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple computers, which supports the claim that macintoshs are made for pot smoking creative-types. I'm completely taken by this theory as its validity can be almost proven by example.
A cleverly edited picture of several of my best friends. I'm afraid I can't tell you what i edited out, but if you look close enough, you can probably tell.
For this image I took the face of Clay, right, and used several effects to make him appear cold and icy, like he is in real life. Just kidding :-)
A "normal" picture of Clay.
This is a piece I did very quickly for a class. I superimposed Hitler's head over that of Bill gates, also changing the background to the obvious nuclear event. I just did this for fun.
This is just some weird-ass pic my ex did. Hell I dont even think she was mad at me at the time!
This is a picture of our family salt-water aquarium, housed in a custom built aquarium with a custom hood and setup by hand. None of our fish are visible right now, but our corals and several other inhabitants are visible. To the bottom left is a large feather-duster worm, out of it's tube. The light pink thing in the middle is a Xenia coral, with babies in the center-bottom on a small rock. The yellow thing to the right of that is another coral. The light green thing to the upper right of that is another coral of a different variety. The coral on the upper left below the clip is a staghorn coral. You can also see both of our anemones to the far right, one open and one visible to the left of that. We also have a coral beauty fish, a sailfin blenny, a yellow tang and a gold-maroon clownfish which inhabits the anemones.